Deeply moved by the recent tragedies occurring in America, rapper G-Eazy utilized his stage to share his views on the social injustices of Blacks.

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During his stop at the California Shoreline Amphitheater on the Endless Summer tour [Friday, July 8], the These Things Happen artist interrupted his own performance to express his discontent and feelings on the frequent killings of African Americans by the hands of police officers. Sharing his difficulty with dealing with the current events, G-Eazy touched on not being able to push his feelings to the side and act as if  the injustices occurring are okay in order to perform.

Joining the list of entertainers speaking up for change, G-Eazy has proven to not only utilize his platform to make a difference but also to look out for the culture that has backed his career. While white Hip Hop artists have been called out for overlooking topics that matter to the Black community in the past, the Bay area artist made it obvious how the events have hurt him as he was moved to tears.


Watch G-Eazy speak on #BlackLivesMatter movement below.