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One year, one month and eleven days was all well worth the wait for the Season 3 premiere of one of television’s most talked about and well received drama series, Power. The highly anticipated first episode of the Starz series met, and to some even exceeded, all of the expectations placed upon it.

Last season left viewers with a list of questions and open-ended situations:

How’s Tasha going to handle Shawn’s murder?

Is Tommy going to go through with Lobos’ order to kill Ghost?


What’s going to happen now that Lobos isn’t dead?

What’s going to come from the newly formed alliance between Dre and Ghost?

Is Kanan actually dead?

And the question everyone wants to know: will Ghost really stay out of the game for good?

The first episode of Season 3 sheds light on some of the confusion, and for the sake of Ghost ridding himself of his old habits and wanting to be referred to as James from here on out to acknowledge that – he’ll be mentioned as such (or Jamie) from now until he falls back into old habits, if he ever does.

In the opening scene, Ghost and Angela are together at the club; which implies the fact that for now, Ghost is following through with his promise to her to be out of the game for good.

Tasha and her son deal with the loss of Shawn, which they both took pretty hard. She initially thought that Jamie was the one who killed him, even though he explained to her exactly what happened; which was that Kanan killed Shawn and that he then killed Kanan. Tasha was skeptical about James’ story, until she spoke to Tommy who confirmed it.

Although Tommy is very upset with Jamie for getting out of the game, he hasn’t tried to kill him. At this point, James and Tommy aren’t on good terms; and his run-in with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Holly was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Holly told Tommy that Jamie was the reason for her disappearing on him: and we all know Tommy loves him some Holly, thus making their friendship currently non-existent and serving as the catalyst to Tommy continuing business with Lobos as his sole distributor.

Lobos isn’t dead, but wants everyone except for Tommy to think he is. Tommy and Lobos are working closely; and Lobos gives him a call to tell him to make sure Jamie is killed. Angela ends up telling Ghost that Lobos is not dead, and that if anyone finds out that she told him she’d lose her job. In true Ghost fashion, it seems he’s taking that information and using it for the Tommy’s good; as at the end of the episode, Ghost makes a phone call to Tommy and says that they need to talk.

Among those major happenings, Dre and Ghost’s alliance is still going; but Dre is having difficulty dealing with Ghost being out the game and tries to get Jamie to use his club, Truth, as a new way to get back in it. Ghost checks the surveillance video in his office and discovers one of his employees in there doing questionable things. Kantos gets fired from Truth for what Jamie deems disloyal behavior that we have yet to get details about. And lastly, Tommy finds his dog dead in his apartment.

Ghost is in the center of all the drama and whether or not he’ll continue to be “Jamie” or revert back to his old habits has yet to be determined. We’re only one episode in, and the suspense this show generates continues to speak to what an entertaining and engaging series Power really is.