Fred Barley, 19, is a student at Gordon State College in Barnesville, Georgia. Over the weekend, police officers received a call of someone pitching a tent on the campus. When they arrived, they found Barley and questioned him. He informed the cops he was homeless and rode his little brother’s bicycle from Conyers to Barnesville, a six-hour drive, to register for classes. He was carrying a couple of duffle bags, water, and a box of cereal. He planned on staying until dorms opened in August. Instead of ticketing Barley for trespassing, the officers initiated a random act of kindness that has since gone viral.

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The officers informed him he could not stay, but put him in a motel for a couple of days. “The stuff that’s been happening with police officers, I am Black and he didn’t care what color I was,” Barley said. “He just helped me and that meant a lot.”

The wife of Officer Dicky Carreker shared the story on a community Facebook page and no one predicted what was going to happen next. The motel owner Casey Blaney paid for an extended stay, the college allowed him to move in early, and he was also offered a job at a local pizza shop. Blaney also started a GoFundMe Page which has since raised $178,000 to help the biology major student through college and medical school. Check out Barley’s “Thank You” video below.


In the midst of all the unfortunate events happening around us, it’s breathtaking to know there are many genuine people out there willing to help someone else in need.