Gucci Mane’s Everybody Looking album is right around the corner, coming to us this Friday [July 22]. Releasing music at a high rate, Gucci is also letting go of some visuals in the process. “No Sleep” is his latest music video.

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“No Sleep” is the intro on the forthcoming album and features production from Mike Will Made-It and Zaytoven. Both being frequent collaborators with Gucci Mane, they know the sound that Gucci wants to hear. It’s a strong way to begin the album and sets the tone.

In similar fashion, Gucci shoots his music video in his house due to his house arrest restrictions. Young Thug and himself recently released the visuals for “Gucci Home,” and this video might have been recorded on the same day, considering Young Thug is featured in this one as well.


“I can’t even sleep I got so much to say. Recovering drug addict, I used to drink a pint a day,” Gucci says during the hook of the song. Gucci said he would leak the album early if he reached three million followers on Instagram. Sitting a bit under 2 million right now, it’s safe to say we’ll get the album on its original date.

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