Artist FKA Twigs is offering her Baltimore fans the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Known for her elegant-but-eccentric dancing, Twigs is always a delight to watch perform. Taking elements from multiple forms of dance like ballet and vogueing while adding her own personal twist, you never know what you’ll get from the 28-year-old singer.

An obvious lover of dance, Twigs has announced that she will be holding a free workshop today [Tuesday, July 19] in Baltimore, Maryland. Not only will the workshop allow residents to dance with the artist, but the chance to dance for her, as well. Looking for dancers to join her on stage for her Pier 6 performance tomorrow [Wednesday, July 20], the multitalented artist will be choosing dancers from the workshop


Open to intermediate to advanced dancers over the age of 18, any fan of Twigs, or dance in general, would die for a chance to attend this workshop.

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