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Joe Budden has been relentless in his efforts to diss Drake over the past few weeks, so fans were eager to aim shots back at Budden whether they were even meant for him or not. Immediately after the release of French Montana and Drake’s new track “No Shopping”, fans identified the subliminals and assigned them directly to Budden.

Although a snippet of Drake’s verse had already released via Vine, the verse went on to say:

“Pump, pump, pump it up…” to which some believed was a direct blow to Joe Budden in regards to his 2003 hit “Pump It Up”.


Drake went on to say:

“I’m not a one hit wonder they all know my stuff…”

“…And I never started nothing, I just finish things”

In more recent news, French Montana cleared the air for the both of them. French Montana told MTV News: “I don’t think we did that record thinking about Joe Budden. It’s not that I don’t think — I know that for a fact.”

He went on to say: “Drinking, having fun, enjoying life, and just making a record about that. I don’t think we was in there thinking about anybody. I don’t think we ever went in the studio with negative energy, talking about somebody. We just work and have fun.”

If we know Drake like we think we do, he wouldn’t settle for a diss verse, but more like a full diss track. Besides, Drake never directly considered it a diss, but when does he ever? What’s your opinion?