Fans may be rejoicing after two new Future songs, “Paparazzi” and “Guap On Me,” appeared online yesterday [Monday, July 18] but Future and producer Mike WiLL Made-It are far from happy.

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After learning of the leaks, Future took to his Twitter to express his disdain for the two singles’ release. “Song leaked today called paparazzi (dab) I did it as a reference phuckin around a year ago,the fact I’m saying dab in chorus I hate it. Jus letting my fans know we ain’t on that wave at all…Forever or NEVER project ET type shit . No disrespect to anyone jus not a record I would’ve did for myself…”


But Future wasn’t the only one perturbed by the unofficial release of the tracks, Mike WiLL Made-It took to his Twitter as well to vent his frustrations about the release.

“After all we’ve released this is the thanks we get.. Never understood what a person would leak music, especially that’s not in its entire[ty]…Like after that what is gained?” Mike wrote. “People gotta learn how to respect the creative process, we spend time energy money etc creating records…Songs will be released BY US (the producer &/or artist) when the song is done, 100% & everyone is excited to release the finished product. Let us premiere our shit, how we like, when we like, we don’t want our shit on a lousy blog or a random scamming ass soundcloud…These weirdoes think it’s cool but it’s more a slap in the face… wasting songs and/or people’s time by having them listen to something that was never created to be heard.. The thirst too real, not spending time on this, focusing my energy on what I’ve been focusing my energy on to be released, no distractions. Hype beast devoted to have something first… Hop off the net.”

Mike WILL Made-It’s point is that with the plethora of music that Future has released in 2016, Purple Reign, Evol and Project E.T., the dehydration to leak the project was unwarranted. Check Mike WiLL’s tweets below.