In the midst of reality star Kim Kardashian exposing singer Taylor Swift for playing the victim to the infamous Kanye West “Famous” lyrics, Swift bestie Selena Gomez has made her stance on #BlackLivesMatter very clear.

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Taking to Twitter to voice her disdain for the new rivalry between the two media-mavens, Gomez proposed an alternative of talking about “more important things.” Considering the current events transpiring in America in regards to social tension and police killings, Gomez seemed to have a sound suggestion.

Nevertheless, when a fan on the popular social platform responded to Gomez’s request, the actress announced she had no interest in partaking in her own proposed alternative action.


selena gomez

Making a sound point, the fan, more than likely with the rest of us, was not expecting the response from Gomez that was given. Mistaking the #BlackLivesMatter movement as a “side” rather than a call-to-action for humanity, Gomez has clearly overlooked not only the purpose of the network, but also the power of her platform.