This morning [Wednesday, July 20] A$AP Rocky went on The Breakfast Club to clear up the controversial comments that were made in his 2015 TimeOut interview. Comments that lit Twitter ablaze when they were recently brought back into light.

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Rocky was visibly frustrated, struggling to find a starting point before beginning with “I just don’t understand how they keep saying a dark skin n*gga don’t like Black people.” Explaining that the sentiments published were not ones that he actually shares and blames it on a combination of his words being misquoted as well as his own misspeaking.

When asked what he is currently trying to say, Rocky says that he “doesn’t have all the answers” but wants to “promote prosperity. Especially for Black people.” He vehemently denounces the notion that he is “invincible” just because of his stardom. Flacko points out that his lane is eclectic and there are other rappers such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar whose lane is more consciously centered. He spits a quick verse from “Pharsyde” off his last album At Long Last A$AP to let it be known that even if people don’t realize, he does speak on society through his music. Rocky reiterates the fact that it was his choice to appear on The Breakfast Club several times because of how strongly he felt the air needed to be cleared.