The saga that is the controversy of Melania Trump biting a whole passage from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech continues.

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Meredith McIver, the unfortunate soul who plagiarized FLOTUS, released a statement today [Wednesday, July 20] stating she worked with Trump on writing her First Lady speech. McIver says Trump and herself “discussed many people who inspired her” and Michelle Obama happened to be one of those people. So what did they do next? Well apparently Melania “read passages from Mrs. Obama’s speech as examples” and McIver wrote them down and included the plagiarized portion in Trump’s speech.

We’re almost sure that it was only a few days ago the Trump camp was stating there’s no way Melania could have ripped anything from Obama’s speech, with an RNC official going as far as to quote My Little Pony. Yet, now the narrative has changed, as is customary of the Trump campaign.


McIver states she offered her resignation but Donald Trump denied it and told her “people make innocent mistakes.” Read the whole statement that was released via ABC News Twitter page below.


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