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In the wake of all of the political and societal unrest in the world, Master P has released a new song that gives his take on these senseless murders and killings.

Featuring his daughter Cymphonique, Master P released “You Need Me And I Need You” to express the reality of what the country is facing today.

In a statement, Master P says:


“I am saddened and disappointed that this is happening in America. I am not saying all cops are all bad, but those that commit crimes should be tried as criminals just like everyone else. For those cops that are doing great jobs in the community, they should be honored. No more paid vacations for killing people in cold blood.”

With lyrics like “All our people we lost out here/ (Lord tell us where do we go from here) /Got our hands up but still in fear / All the bad times we’ve been through /(Lord tell us where do we go from here) / Flashing lights please don’t shoot / You need me and I need you”

P says the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile hit him in the heart.

“Waking up and seeing Alton Sterling murdered for selling CDs in Baton Rouge which is my own backyard, is heartbreaking, this could have been me. Then the next day I see another African American man getting gunned down on Facebook, next to his girlfriend. On top of that, five policemen is murdered in Dallas. This is unacceptable. The only way that we’re going to be able to fight this is with love.”