Being a high profile celebrity, often times there’s no room for doing “normal” everyday things. For First Lady Michelle Obama, she hasn’t been in the front of a passenger seat in about seven and a half years–of course she isn’t complaining about being chauffeured everywhere she goes.

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Headed to a 1:45 tour to the White House, FLOTUS joins The Late Late Show host James Corden in a segment of Carpool Karaoke which will air tonight [Wednesday, July 20]. She hops in the car and asks if they can turn on some music.

While listening to “Get Your Freak On,” by rapper Missy Elliott, she explained how she hasn’t had a chance to “rock out” since daughter Malia learned to drive. In the trailer released earlier this week, she is also doing the infamous hand moves from Beyoncé‘s “Single Ladies.” Check it out below.


Tune into The Late Late Show tonight to catch the full episode.