Brandy‘s record label has thrown extreme shade at her after they caught wind she was comparing her contract with them to slavery.

If you recall, in late March of 2016, Brandy Norwood attempted to sue her record label, Chameleon Entertainment, saying they are keeping her from recording and releasing new music. In the lawsuit, she said claimed that the record label is only doing this in order to get her to sign a new record contract. According to the Associated Press, “The lawsuit says Brandy terminated her contract with Chameleon but wants a judge’s ruling that it is void.” It is reported that Brandy attempted to file another lawsuit last week in New York, claiming the label badly represented and mishandled her and according to TMZ, Brandy’s lawyer says in the lawsuit, “Brandy Norwood’s story is ‘Kesha Redux, but without the sex.”

When word reached the label Brandy was comparing her record contract to slavery, they weren’t too happy about this, so a representative from her label clapped back at the singer. Chameleon Entertainment CEO Breyon Prescott said she is just “craving attention because she is and apparently has been washed up for some time now.” Prescott tells TMZ that they made a risk by “signing an artist that hasn’t had a chart single success since the early 2000’s.”


Basically Brandy feels as if her record label is playing with her money and she either wants to record new music so that she can make money, or she just wants the money and they can let her go freely. A representative responded to Prescott’s statement saying, “if Chameleon believes its own statement, it should have no issue letting her go. The rep said, ‘Release her from the contract.'”