Twenty-two episodes in and for the first time ever Miami pioneer DJ EFN and Queens legend Noreaga‘s Drink Champs will have a visual to assist their chart topping podcast.

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The 22nd episode features another Queens legend, 50 Cent, and will premiere on Friday, July 22 as Part 2 of the already classic two part conversation. It’s crazy to think that Drink Champs is only 22 episodes in, but it’s the perfect time to begin dropping videos because of their recent success. With a string of number one episodes, and Part 1 of the 5o Cent conversation reaching a million listens, Drink Champs have set themselves up to put yet another dent in the game.

In Part 1 of the conversation, Drink Champs and 50 discussed everything from 50’s early album sales to JAY Z owing him a favor, to Power, to the Drake/Joe Budden/Meek Mill beef triangle, and so much more. Shots were flowing in Part 1, in more ways than one and the conversation inevitably got looser as time passe. Part 2 will more than likely be an open book of sorts, and anyone who has ever gotten in 50’s way should be on a major cringe alert.


An interview has to be top of the line in order to be broken up into two parts and still be successful. With 2016 attention spans, you’d be lucky to get someone to finish an interview after pausing it for a few seconds. With a million listens on Part 1, Drink Champs’ concern isn’t necessarily getting people to come back for Part 2, but rather how successful can a podcast video be? Will people watch? Will it make sense? Will it tarnish the essence of what a podcast is? All viable questions, but on the flip side a video can ultimately boost the experience exponentially as well.

How can a visual enhance a conversation?

The same way a music video can enhance an artists’ lead single, a podcast video can enhance a conversation. Would The Breakfast Club be as successful without the videos they drop for each interview? Would the classic Birdman “Respek” interview have gone viral without the video, and the world being able to see him pull up? Probably not. With a visual, you’re able to see the emotion of the conversation through body language, hand gestures, facial expressions, and more. Video has changed radio, and it can eventually change the podcast game on a music video level.

Drink Champs specifically are a story telling/shot taking based podcast. 50 Cent in Part 1 told a lot of stories, and he, EFN and Noreaga took a bunch of shots. Seeing this visual will be entertaining, and will allow the viewer to get a better grasp on the person that they’re listening to.

What are some things we expect to hear in Part 2?

In Part 1, 50 touched on his previous album sales, stating he moved 23 million units in his first two mainstream drops. But, that was then. Drink Champs will likely get him to discuss his new music, and how he feels about the success of that. Although Power was touched on in Part 1, it will more than likely be elaborated on more in Part 2 due to its enormous impact. Last but not least, Drink Champs will certainly get some exclusives out of 50, new music on the way, a Power episode leak, new deal alert, there’s going to be something for everyone.