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The highly anticipated Season 3 of 50 Cent’s hit series Power returned to Starz on Sunday and achieved a record number 2.26 million views. This was quite impressive being that the show made a change upon it’s return to air on Sunday nights and no longer in it’s original time slot of Saturday nights.

Based on the outstanding number of views Power received for its Season 3 premiere, Starz has decided to go ahead and green light the series for Season 4 and 5. Courtney Kemp, one of the executive producers for the show, expressed her gratitude and excitement for Starz’s vote of confidence for the show’s future with the network. She stated:

“I am humbled by this vote of confidence from the network and the opportunity to continue to employ our excellent cast and crew, who work tirelessly to bring this show to life.”

50 Cent has a lot to be grateful for, as he is also preparing to launch his Black Mafia Family series that has the potential to be an even better hit than Power. That almost seems impossible but it’s definitely not far fetched for Mr. Jackson.