It may be months before the beginning of the 2016-2017 NBA season, but NBA 2K17 has us covered in the mean time. 2K has been the hottest selling NBA video game for years now, and they continue to add crazy new features.

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Last year they had Spike Lee create a storyline and film it for the “MyCareer” game mode, which had never been done before. Now they have announced that they are adding the feature of league expansion. That means anytime you play “MyGM” or “MyLeague,” you’ll have the option to create all new teams and add them to the league.

Players will have the option to either use the regular 30 NBA teams, use an expansion league where you can add 6 new teams that you can totally design, or create an expansion league, where you get to design every single team in the league, either by creating them or using a pre-designed team, such as a legacy team.


And don’t worry, you if aren’t the creative type, the game comes with 10 pre-made expansion teams, complete with logos, jerseys and arenas. 2K also says you will be able to download teams from their online server, so Seattle Supersonics fans should get excited because you’ll finally get your team back, even if it is just in a game.

You can read about the new features right here.