One of the most popular Netflix series is coming back with a brand new season. A little over a month after announcing an official premiere date, Netflix has finally released dynamite trailer for the second season of Narcos, which is set to debut in its entirety September 2.

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Here is recap of what happened in season one: Narcos centered around Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) and his historical rise to power with his distribution of cocaine while also exploring his relationship with outside entities and political aspirations. It also stars Boyd HolbrookPedro Pascal, Steve Murphy and Javier Peña as DEA Agents, who were ordered to bring Escobar’s organization down. At the end of season one, Escobar escaped La Catedral, citing “the biggest blunder in law-enforcement history.”

In the first trailer for season two, war breaks loose in Colombia as new forces join in a massive effort to capture Escobar and bring him down for good. There are speculations that we might see Escobar’s death in this season but whatever happens he isn’t going down without a fight.