Zoe Saldana has revealed she suffers from the autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis; a condition she has witnessed affect her mother and sister.

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The 38 year old actress and mother of twins credits “clean eating” as an essential part of her treatment plan.

“Your body doesn’t have the energy it needs to filter toxins, causing it to believe that it has an infection, so it’s always inflamed,” says the Star Trek star as she expounded upon the disease to Net-a-Porter’s The EDIT in a story published Thursday.


According to the Mayo Clinic, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. It mostly affects middle-aged women, but it can also affect men and women of all ages, as well as children.

The disorder causes the immune system to attack the thyroid, which can affect hormone production.