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No, The Walking Dead‘s first trailer for its upcoming seventh season does not show who Negan killed. Don’t be ridiculous. Chances are, sans some unexpected leaks, we won’t find out who met the wrong end of Negan’s bat “Lucille” until TWD returns in October.  That is to say, however, this trailer which premiered yesterday at San Diego’s 2016 Comic-Con, was worth its weight in gold.

Season 7 of TWD will be acutely focused on Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s character Negan, his ragtag band of henchmen, “The Saviors”, the wake of whoever Negan killed from Rick’s group as well as the contention and probable war that follows. In addition, the trailer shows that we will finally get introduced to “The Kingdom” and it’s ruler Ezekiel, whom comic bookers will be familiar with. Per The Hollywood Reporter:


The Kingdom is overseen by a George Clinton-like leader named Ezekiel, a former zookeeper who watches over the community with Shiva, his pet tiger. The character is first introduced in Issue 108 of Robert Kirkman’s comic series. He’s described as eccentric and a somewhat flamboyant older man who is charismatic, friendly with an aura of wisdom — though he is perceived by many to be arrogant, thanks largely to his theatrics, though those who know him well know otherwise. The residents of the Kingdom dress in protective armor — and serve as knights to the so-called “King Ezekiel” at a transformed high school.

Ezekiel will be portrayed by Khary Payton  (Teen Titans, General Hospital)and if the trailer is any distinction, we’ll be getting some Shiva action as well.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Oct. 23 at 9/8 EST on AMC.