The wait for the NES Classic Edition just got more painful. Nintendo unleashed the trailer for the miniature version of its 1985 console, and it makes the retro find seem even cooler.

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“Now You’re Playing With Power” fits the capability of playing 30 of Nintendo’s most famous video games, which is why the company brought back the slogan for their 2016 re-release. A slightly more macho voice than the 80s says the iconic line this time. And the graphics of commercials have since upgraded. Nonetheless, the nostalgia rolls in as the old-time video game sounds dominate.


Nintendo highlights the preservation of its 8-bit treasures—only updated by HD technology. That long list would include Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda and Kirby’s Adventure. And forget of the piles of game cases stacked around your console. Each game comes preloaded into the NES, which fits easily in the palm of your hand as the visuals suggest.

An HDMI cable, AC adapter, and one controller supplement the console. Additional controllers, which are all compatible for Wii U, are available separately.

The new Nintendo console makes its debut In November for $59.99.