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Friday [July 22], presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton announced the identity of her Vice President pick leaving many of us political lightweights surrounded by a resounding who?

Tim Kaine, former governor of Virginia now serving as the state’s junior senator, has a storied history in politics, being one of only 20 people to have ever served as a mayor, a governor and a U.S. senator.

One strikingly wise move in this pick is Virginia’s status as a swing state. Once a “red” state, it was won by President Obama in both 2008 and 2012, and its diverse and growing population could be key for Clinton’s campaign come November.

Kaine also isn’t too new to this as he sat among then-Senator Obama’s top three picks for Vice President back in 2008.


In contrast to Donald Trump and Mike Pence‘s campaign on the Republican side, Tim Kaine isn’t the most exciting of candidates, a fact of which he is proud, describing himself as “boring” on numerous occasions, and perhaps, that’s just what this race needs to balance itself out.

In an election chock full of scandal and controversy, Clinton’s pick is a really safe one (aside from policies).

Could a bolder choice have made much of a difference? Absolutely. Who doesn’t need another shockwave within this tumultuous race? But, Hillary Clinton is presenting herself as the “voice of reason” candidate in this race, and Kaine only helps her in solidifying that image with voters.

If the move was well-played, we’ll only see the proof with time. As Democrats prepare themselves for their National Convention in Philadelphia this week, all eyes will be focused on how they plan to defy their Republican counterparts and how the Clinton campaign plans to get to the White House.