Troy Ave is currently out on bail after the deadly incident that took place in NYC’s Irving Plaza music venue on May 25th during T.I.’s show, where he was caught on camera firing rounds from his hand gun. His bodyguard ended up getting fatally shot and killed. Troy was shot in the leg during the shooting and had to be treated in the prison infirmary for his injury.

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The BSB artist was not charged with murder, but has four counts of criminal possession of a weapon and attempted murder. He was out on bail since July 11th on $500,000 bond. He has to wear an ankle bracelet, can’t travel outside of NYC, has to be home by 11 p.m., in addition to other stipulations.

The streets are buzzing after he released the mixtape titled Free Troy Ave, which has the hit single “Chuck Norris.”  The single has an official video out now in honor of his friend and bodyguard that was slain in the incident nicknamed “Banga.”


He said in the clip of an interview with the Breakfast Club show on Power 105.1 and Revolt TV right before the video starts that, “Street n–gas respect other street n–gas because nobody wants to be into no violence for no reason…it’s only a couple of ways it’s gonna end, somebody gonna die, somebody gonna go to jail, somebody gonna get hurt.”

In case you missed it, watch the video now:

He was spotted chilling with family and friends in Brooklyn. The pictures were posted on Instagram. Welcome home Troy!