The latest top secret Apple project is bound to make waves in the world of technology.

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While still very much so under wraps, word has gotten out about some changes in the Apple car project. According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the innovative product is gaining some assistance from a familiar face: Bob Mansfield.

Former Apple Senior Vice President Mansfield knows a thing about Apple products and how to bring them to life. While Mansfield has never confirmed working on said project, he did announce two months after leaving the company in 2012 that he would stay with the company working under CEO Tim Cook on future products.


Unnamed sources familiar with the illusive project have been cited by the WSJ for their inside knowledge. As one source states, “Until recently, Mr. Mansfield… had all but retreated from the company aside from the occasional visit…Earlier this month, employees at Apple noticed in the company directory that all the senior managers on the car project were now reporting to Mr. Mansfield.”