Standing a few feet away from Beyoncé (and not to mention paying a grip for the ticket) would make most fans of her elated by the experience, but not this particular one.

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Beyoncé was performing at a recent stop on her Formation World Tour at Stade de France when a fan caught a woman looking for Pokémon through the popular gaming app PokémonGo.

“This b—h is finding Pokémon,” one of the fans yelled out during her filming the video. “She’s finding Pokémon when Beyoncé’s singing. F—ing Pokémon! Look at where she is. Look at where she is. She’s next to the stage!”


Although this happened last Thursday (July 21), the Instagram video didn’t go viral until now. The Instagram post has more than 30,000 views of  people watching the so called fan search for Pokémon. The caption of the post reads, “She’s lucky Solange never saw her.”

Watch the video below:

She's lucky Solange never saw her. Side note I'm never showering again.

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