50 Cent is no stranger to silver screen, so when he auditioned for the role of Star Wars‘ Young Han Solo it was definitely hilarious.

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As a part of a sketch on the TBS late night Conan show, Melissa McCartney, Adam Sandler, Jodie Foster and 50 Cent among others showcased their comedic skills by auditioning for the role on the blockbuster smash’s remake. The sketch opens up with the audition reel rolling and the actors giving their best rendition of classic Harrison Ford lines from the film.

50 Cent who recently revealed in an interview that he would love to work on helping the iconic show Top Gear retrieve its former rating status, appears in the sketch with his body guard before give him a tap on the shoulder letting him know 50 “got it.”


In addition to appearing in comedy sketches, 50 Cent has been enjoying success with his hit Starz series Power after the announcement was made that the show had been renewed for two more seasons.

“I knew Power was going to be something special from the first concept meeting I had with Mark Canton,” 50 said. “The fans support for the show has been the driving force of its success and I can’t wait to bring them two more seasons full of action and suspense.”