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There’s a few ways a situation where you run up on someone’s property can go: either good or bad. When you’re dealing with a celebrity, it’s a little more different and will result in social media going crazy over it. This was the case for Joe Budden, when two guys saw him pulling up to his house in his white BMW.

“This is Joe Budden,” you can hear both of the guys saying. As they approach Joe’s vehicle, they’re thinking it’s a golden moment for social media. However, Budden hops out of his vehicle enraged. In a white polo tank top, Budden quickly hops out his car and you can hear him say “crazy” before beginning to chase them both away. The video is cut off after the chasing, but resumes a bit later.

The guys recorded Budden in pursuit of them, but by car this time. The guys in the car are in total disbelief at what’s occurring. Eventually, Budden finds himself onto the roof of the car. “I’m gonna kill one of you little n***as,” Budden seriously said to them.


“Come on this block again, and I’m gonna hurt one of you n***as. This is not the internet, I will kill one of you.” Still underestimating Joe, one of the guys says “follow me on Twitter though.” Budden later signed on to his Twitter account to add some serious thought to what happened.

“These are some of the greatest memes ever, but I truly hope you kids don’t make running up to people’s homes a thing. It’s dangerous,” Budden tweeted.