Watch Stephen A. Smith’s Hilarious “Weed” Rant About Aldon Smith

Stephen A. Smith is known for many things in sports reporting and broadcasting, but the crown jewel of his ratings-raising antics is probably his “stay off the weed” rants, which he launches into whenever a prominent athlete is arrested or suspended for using marijuana, a banned substance in most major North American sports.

The latest of those athletes to fall victim to that lapse in judgment is once-dominant defensive lineman Aldon Smith, who seemed to have posted a first-person video of him holding a blunt, and being warned against smoking the blunt by a female companion, on Periscope. Though Smith isn’t pictured, the Periscope account used to post the video is known to be operated by Smith, and he can be heard saying out loud, “They don’t know its me. It’s not like I put ‘Aldon Smith’.”

Since the video surfaced, Smith has denied the allegations on Twitter, but that didn’t stop Stephen A. Smith from launching into one of his rant this morning on First Take, admitting that his words would only be valid “if” Smith turned out to be the man holding the blunt in the video.


Initially, Stephen A. seemed to be taking things slowly, as he declared that the Raiders lineman should not be prematurely convicted in the court of public opinion. However, things escalated from there, and the First Take host suggested that Smith be suspended for a year for “flagrant stupidity,” and implored that he “stay off the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed” towards the end of his debate with new co-host Max Kellerman.

Watch the entire clip above.