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Dr. Dre was handcuffed and patted down by police following a road rage incident in his own driveway, reports TMZ. According to initial reports, Dr. Dre was outside his Malibu home yesterday (Monday, July 25) trying to pull into his driveway when another driver blocked his way.

Here’s how it allegedly went down. The Compton-born music mogul told the guy to move his car, which he did, but allegedly threw verbal jabs at the Doc while doing it. The driver continued to taunt Dre after he was already parked in his driveway and the rapper/producer pulled out his cell phone to record it. A source then told TMZ that the other driver said something to the effect of, “Here we go again, another Black guy with a gun” and called 911 on Dre while he was on his own property, telling the police that Dre pulled a gun on him.

Responding police put Dre in handcuffs and searched him for a weapon. They found no weapon and let Dre go, never physically arresting him. TMZ obtained bystander footage of the altercation, which you can watch above. The footage shows Dre in handcuffs briefly in one shot and then free in another.


Even though there was no weapon found, the man who accused Dre of pulling a gun on him insisted on making a citizen’s arrest. This means he filed a report against the rap legend detailing his claims. Now, only time — and California’s District Attorney — will tell if there’s a case against Dre. With nearly 30 years in the rap game, this isn’t the first time Dre has had a run-in with the law. But never the less, the millionaire producer doesn’t seem too fazed by the bullshit in the passerby’s video.

In lighter news, Dre was recently seen with his old producer pal Scott Storch. Hopefully the reunion means new music from the both of them.