Bria Murphy is the gorgeous Hollywood It-Girl and daughter of the legendary Eddie Murphy who’s known for making significant moves in silence.

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This summer, she’s stepping out in a major way, taking on one of the lead roles in the new comedy Amateur Night. Alongside funnyman Jason Briggs and actress Ashley Tisdale, Murphy holds her own as the kick ass Jaxi who not only brings the attitude, she brings the fun as well as they navigate through a day-in-the-life of prostitutes.

The character is one that is a contrast to Murphy, who describes herself as a more quiet and laid back person. When getting pumped up the role, Murphy says she turned to her beloved trap music get into party and hustler mode.


With the film set to premiere on August 5 in L.A and N.Y.C and nationwide on August 12, we decided to delve deep with Murphy to talk stepping outside of your comfort zone and the importance of sexual agency.

How would you describe your character?

I play a girl named Jaxi, who, along with her roommate Fallon (played by Ashley Tisdale) live in L.A and they are prostitutes. She’s full of funk and spunk and is way smarter than people want to give her credit for. What I love most about my character is that she’s all about her money and is totally in control of her identity and her body. She’s the life of every party and is super confident.

Was there any research or preparation you did prior to the film?

Not anything too serious, since the movie is a comedy. But I did draw inspiration for my characters from the Taz Angels. They’re all super sexy and super in control of the sexual freedom, which is exactly the kind of person my character is, so I kind of tried to channel them and just mimic that attitude of a woman who just owns her sexuality and is in charge of her life.

What made you want to do a film like this?

I loved that it was a comedy. I also loved that my character was her own person. In other movies and just in general, you think of prostitutes as victims, and these girls aren’t at all. I like how to comic side helps break the barriers and stereotypes when it comes to prostitution. Yeah there is dark side to it, but there are also women who love doing what they do, they don’t have pimps, and they’re just about their paper and chose prostitution as a way to make it.

How was it being surrounded by A-List actors and comics?

Working with involved in this film (like Jason and Ashley) on this film, they make it easy to always be funny and to just have a good time on set. It’s hard for  me not to be funny when they’re around.  

What’s a scene you think the audience will enjoy the most?

There’s a joke around every corner. But I think the part that will shock people the most is the scene where the girls get their money stolen and they switch up from being fun and easy going to serious and take charge of getting their money. You’ll definitely see another side of the girls, and I think that’s when the audience realizes these girls aren’t here to play.

Did your father give you any advice on the film?

It’s funny because I didn’t even tell him I was doing it. I just came home like “I booked a gig,” but didn’t tell him what it was and he said “Great.” Then once I really got into filming and doing it and showed him some clips, I think he was a bit surprised. Not only that I was doing a film like this, but my character is so polar opposite of me. He’s been very supportive, which is great.

This is your first big role and project. Are you nervous to present this to the world?

I’m really excited about this because nobody expected me to play anything like this. At times i can go under the radar and be seen as the cute and quiet girl, so it was nice to step outside of my comfort zone and do something nobody really could see me doing.  I can’t wait for people to see it. I just want people to have fun and enjoy it. I hope they like it as much as I do. I want them to come in with an open mind and comfort about talking about because the movie takes it there. While it doesn’t show too much, it definitely suggests it.

Do you think you want to continue to do more comedic films now?

I’m open to anything. I’m a huge movie buff. I’ve grown up in the industry and I love film. I love comedy and horror so now that I’ve gotten comedy down, I’d love to give horror a try. I’m open to anything.