As we all know, Nick Cannon dibbles and dabbles in all things entertainment. It’s kind of hard to name one aspect of the entertainment world he does not participate in, and even more so, it’s hard to name a specific avenue Cannon does not perform exceptionally well in.

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On Sundays, Nick Cannnon gifts fans with spoken word pieces and post them to his social media. Past poems include titles like “Too Broke to Vote”, “Oscars”, and “Fake B*tches”. Each piece usually relates to the current happenings of the world, both directly and indirectly.

Cannon’s most recent release of spoken word is a piece titled, “Dallas Flowers”. In this particular piece, Cannon pays homage to the tragedy that happened in Dallas and those affected. He expresses how police lives matter just as much as the Black lives and how senseless such acts of violence are.


In the poem, Cannon states:

“Dallas flowers appear abundantly, not as a reminder of tragedy but as a reminder of humanity, a reminder of how much police and Black lives are mattering. So make sure these Dallas flowers aren’t sent in pain. Let’s plant a seed of purpose instead of painting seeds of pain.”

Watch the video below.