Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to be a beacon of light attracting racist supporters.

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A video has surfaced of a New York City subway train passenger going into a hate-filled, ballistic rage when a fellow train rider took the last available seat. In a two-minute long video, a man in a white suit is shown yelling obscenities at a seemingly Black passenger. Enraged by simply not getting his way, the scene-causing passenger brought up the topic of politics, escalating the situation even more.

Yelling in the face of another train-rider who had nothing to do with the conflict, but was a Black male, the racist passenger proclaimed, “Donald Trump 2016!” Before exiting the train car, the Trump supporter continued to let his views be known by stating, “Put them back in the f—–g fields where they belong!”


Since being uploaded Saturday [July 23], the viral video has received over 230,000 views on YouTube.

Watch footage of the racist attack below.