The voices of the celebrities of the culture are so vital in pivotal times such as now. In the past four years we have experienced senseless death after death due to police brutality towards the African American community. But now, more than ever, celebrities are taking a stand and using their influence to assist in being the change they want to see.

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More recently, the director of Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler, has created a video series titled Blackout For Human Rights: “My Life Matters”. The “My Life Matters” series features different influencers from various arenas of art and activism. Each influencer uses the successes and milestones of their own life to appeal to the fact that every victim of police brutality had the potential and the ability to achieve and experience the exact same things if their lives weren’t cut short already. These influencers really put it into perspective by putting themselves in these victims shoes and explain all of the things they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish if they were killed by police.

The series features Ryan Coogler, LaLa Anthony, Terrence J and so many more.


Ryan Coogler is no stranger to standing for justice in regards to many causes as he previously hosted and supported the Justice for Flint event in efforts to get the city of Flint the proper resources and most importantly, clean water.

Watch the “My Life Matters” video series below.