Klay Thompson is an NBA star. He plays for the team that’s won more gams than everybody since the 2014-2015 season, he’s the Robin to the 2-time reigning MVP’s Batman, he’s instantly recognizable, and has a ubiquitous nickname (Splash Brother). He’s probably the 2nd best player in the league at his position–James Harden being the best, of course–and has a signature shoe helmed by an overseas sneaker company.

Most people would be starstruck by Klay Thompson. But, as Thompson has admitted, that dynamic is reversed when he gets around Kevin Durant.

Durant was acquired by the Warriors on July 4 in free agency, and Thompson will join forces with Durant and Steph Curry to form the most fearsome 1-2-3 combo in NBA history. Before that happens, though, Thompson got to get rid of the butterflies that flutter around in his stomach when Durant, a former MVP himself, comes around.

I’m still in awe of the guy. I’m still kind of starstruck when I’m around him, like ‘Man, that’s Kevin Durant, you know? He’s on our team. That’s crazy.’ You get to know him more. He’s such a grounded individual. He’s such a normal guy. He just loves basketball. He’s actually a well-rounded person.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen or heard about a starstruck Klay Thompson. He infamously ditched a post-game interview to dap up Dez Bryant, who was lurking around the court after a Warriors win earlier this year in the regular season.