Bow Wow took to Twitter today to debate with fans about the upcoming election and the political landscape in America, and to say it didn’t go well might be a considerable understatement. The rapper, actor and TV personality engaged with fans for a good portion of the early afternoon today, debating his will to stay away from the voting booths this November, when Hillary Clinton will face off against Donald Trump in one of the more pivotal presidential elections in this nation’s history.

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According to Bow Wow, he won’t be voting because he doesn’t believe in the world’s political system–there’s apparently an upper power that controls all the world’s leaders. Who knew?–and because he’s mixed, he can’t relate to today’s civil rights issues.


It just goes on and on from there. However, there was one particularly egregious moment after the initial debate and rant had died down, in which Mr. Moss appeared to brush aside the Civil Rights Movement, claiming he would send ‘some of his royalties’ to the movement as a thank you for fighting for his freedom. As if civil rights activists were pesky publicists looking for a cut of his precious pie.

The key thing to think about here, is that Bow Wow shouldn’t be clowned or unnecessarily criticized for his comments. They’re misinformed, and so he needs to be informed, not meme’d to death. The leaders of the civil rights movements aren’t deserving of afterthought royalties. Modern American society owes them its existence, and so everyone, whether you’re into politics and race relations or not, needs to think twice before even slightly side-swiping them.