Baseball’s entertainment value has definitely diminished in recent years, with incredibly slow games and no super flashy plays that can be replayed again and again on social media. But today, the action heated up during a Chicago Cubs game where they were taking on the Seattle Mariners.

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Javier Baez came around to score off a single hit by  Chris Coghlan, and he did as any baseball player would do, he turned to guide the runner behind him on whether he should slide or not. The only problem was that he was in the home plate umpire’s line of sight.


Eric Cooper, the umpire, gives Baez a nice shove to make sure he could see the ball because there was about to be a play at the plate. Another Cubs player, David Ross, scored easily on the play, and the Cubs would continue to rack up the runs.

So while the MLB won’t be making umpire-player fights a full time feature any time soon, this was good enough for a chuckle. The MLB season is entering the final stretch, and the Chicago Cubs like their chances of winning the World Series. After acquiring closer Aroldis Chapman from the New York Yankees for several players, the Cubs look like a team that can make a deep run in the playoffs, and Cubs fans will be hoping they can bring their over 100 years of suffering to an end with a World Series championship.

Respect: ESPN