Yes, you read that right. Matt Damon, the white American actor, will star in a film about the Great Wall of China, set in the past during the construction of the wall. The short synopsis we have so far is that Damon’s character was captured and made to defend the wall, but this unfortunately seems like another whitewashing of another culture’s history from Hollywood.

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The premise of the movie is that there are creatures or monsters that the Chinese were trying to keep out, and that is why they built the Great Wall. In reality, the wall was meant to keep out Mongolian invaders from the North, but hey, it’s an action film, so they twisted a few facts here and there. From the short glimpses of the monsters in the trailer, they look like a combination between an Orc and a dragon, but either way they seem to be pretty formidable.


If you read through some of the comments on the trailer, some people thought Donald Trump had finally gotten his wish. I don’t know if that’s a funny or scary idea, but the comments undoubtedly poked fun at Trump, suggesting the reason why the monsters are so mad is because they had to pay for the wall.

This will certainly be an epic film, as it is slated to be the biggest Chinese production of all time, with a $150 million dollar budget. The film is directed by Zhang Yimou, and also stars Pedro Pascal, Jing Tian, Willem Dafoe, and Andy Lau.

This movie doesn’t drop until next year, so we’ll have to hang tight until then to see how this movie comes out. We don’t have to wait however to see Matt Damon star in a film, with the release of Jason Bourne today.

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