Brace yourself, this post may contain strange images that you never thought could be possible. Dwyane Wade was officially announced as a Chicago Bull today [Friday, July 29] and he unveiled his new jersey with his old number 3 that he used to wear in Miami.

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While Kevin Durant is undoubtedly the biggest story of this off season, Wade’s move from Miami was a pretty close second. Wade is a Chicago native, but he has never shown real signs of wanting to leave the only club he had ever played for, the Miami Heat. He even inspired Chris Bosh and LeBron James to join him in South Beach to form a super team that would get to four straight Finals, winning two back to back.


Wade’s relationship with Miami ownership and top brass soured extremely quickly this off-season, after Wade was placed fairly low on the Heat’s list of priorities. The Heat went after their newest star in Hasan Whiteside, and they still had their eye on KD before he left for Golden State. The result was that Miami did not have a lot of flexibility when it came to resigning Wade, and they called on him to be loyal to his franchise and sign for less.

The rest is history, with Wade refusing to sign for less, arguing it was about time the team put him first and pay him the maximum he rightly deserves. Wade began shopping around, and he eventually joined his hometown Chicago Bulls. In a summer where the Bulls sent one hometown hero to New York in Derrick Rose, this was a surprising turn of events when they landed another hometown hero. Wade will now team up with Jimmy Butler, and new signing Rajon Rondo. Is it basketball season yet?