Season 6 of FX’s American Horror Story has been shrouded in mystery. Last season fans saw Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett  slay as vampires in AHS: Hotel. This season it seems like there will be references to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Variety unveiled all of the teasers yesterday [Friday, July 29].

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In the first teaser, which was released on Snap Chat, fans see a gloomy house in a field with dark smoke spewing from the roof. Thunder can be heard in the background. As a chainsaw eerily revs up, a woman shrieks loudly.


In the second teaser, two farmers and their daughter walk towards the viewer as the sun sets. They appear to be zombies.

In the third teaser, which is the darkest, a man’s head is stapled. A mysterious man says, “try to keep it dry.”

In another creepy teaser, a deathly mobile hangs over a crib. It is composed of a knife, hook, cutlass and a hand rake. Then a demonic hand shoots up and grabs the knife.

In the fifth teaser, someone runs into a dark basement as the light flickers in and out and hands grab at this person’s feet.

In the last teaser a millipede crawls down a woman’s face. Gross!

In two of the teasers, a girl hums with a slight country twang. The new season returns on September 14.

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