Michael Jordan tussled with gambling issues throughout his career, but he knew he had a surefire victory with this one. And it’s a good one.

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Chris Paul, who isn’t touring with the USA men’s basketball team this summer, made a recent appearance at a Michael Jordan Flight School camp, where he aimed to both train kids, and send them home very happy campers. How? By making a bet with old-ass Michael Jordan that he would miss three of the jump shots he takes–reasonable difficulty level–resulting in the entire camp getting gifted with free Jordans. Surely, a 53-year-old MJ couldn’t still sink jump shots on a whim, right? He was there as a chaperone, not an athlete. He’d clang three off the side of the rim, and a gym full of star-struck kids would have the story of a lifetime to tell their friends for years to come.

Well, they still have the story of a lifetime to tell, but none of them are going home with free shoes. Because 53-year-old old-ass Michael Jordan is still Michael f*cking Jordan. He didn’t miss a. single. shot.


See for yourself.

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