Joe Budden stopped by HOT 97 yesterday [Friday, July 29] and dropped an impressive freestyle for Funk Flex. He makes headlines this week for a dope reason: to remind us all he can seriously rap.

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He addressed a number of topics over Fabolous‘ “Breathe” beat. With rocks in his hand, Budden chased down two teens this week who ran up on him, then consequently became a victim of the relentless Twitter meme world. Leave it to Budden to spun the arguably embarrassing situation into a fire bar. He spits: “I give a f*ck if young n*ggas understand it or not / Sometimes you gotta show the kids you really ran with the rock.” Budden’s reaction to the entire situation proves he walks the walk.

The freestyle, which is four minutes long, is densely packed with references and word play within his usual effortless flow. “Play superhero, might lead to a Deadpool” may have caught a few Marvel-lovers off guard.