Joining forces with athletic clothing brand Champs Sport, T. I., Quavo and Brandon Marshall are here to send a little inspiration your way. Inspired by New York Jets wide receiver Marshall’s struggle with mental health, their recent collaboration is part of a campaign encouraging people to be their true selves.

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The track, which was made in conjunction with Champs Sport and Under Armour, is postive with simple but catchy verses from T. I and Quavo (one third of rap group Migos). The video shows Marshall hanging out in the studio with the rappers. In the video you see the guys rapping over an electronic sounding beat as TIP spits ,”drippin’ sauce all over everything/I’m a real king, you a little son/Boy don’t make me pull the rings out the Vogue.”According to Billboard, the campaign debuts nationwide on Monday [August 1].

Quavo spoke exclusively to Billboard and revealed how he came up with the Migo styled hook. He explained, “I probably freestyled to the tune three times before I came up with the hook. Sometimes the process works like that. Sometimes you get up and say “I got a hook” but we didn’t write it down.”


The Migos member also shed light on the biggest challenges the youth of today face. “Our biggest challenge is just probably staying focused on our goals ’cause everybody always wants to be something, that one thing.” He then explained that life comes with many challenges but “if you get it wrong and have a plan B, use it but normally if you want to achieve the goal that you want, the plan A is the one that you want so stay focused.”

You can watch ‘Baller Alert’ below or you can stream it on Tidal.

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