On July 22, Gucci Mane dropped his highly anticipated new album, Everybody Looking. This is the first body of work we’ve received from Gucci since his return home from prison. An obvious cause for celebration for the A-list filled album, Spotify recently jumped on board and gave Gucci his very own ice cream trucks.

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An unexpected but clever collaboration, Spotify provided Atlanta and New York with ice cream resembling the rapper’s infamous tattoo. Driving through different parts of the cities, the truck played the album during the day, as people queued up to get Wop-inspired ice cream. A perfect summer’s day treat, large crowds gathered to get one and listen to the new album.

Happy fans took to twitter to share their excitement.


Using the hashtag “Everybody Licking” this was a great marketing method for Gucci. Since he left prison a few months ago, with a brand new look, this version of Gucci seems a lot more distinguished and dedicated to the music.