“We needed a basketball player, but we got you instead.” Jeremy Lin recently got sucked into a world full of popular anime characters, in a parody of Space Jam. It’s up to the Lin to gear up the motley crew of heroes for the big game.

The sequel to Michael Jordan’s signature film is still in the works but that didn’t stop YouTuber nigahiga from bringing Space Jam 3 to light. He anticipates Lin as the next player in the series and the successor to LeBron James. The filmmaker does put a spin on the spoof though, using a more anime approach to casting.

However, basketball does not come easy to figures like Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Goku from Dragon Ball Z. And when all else fails, the Brooklyn Net convinces the Amine-niacs— formerly known has the Toon Squad—to use their iconic powers to win.

Lin even pokes fun at Michael Jordan’s gravity defying dunk. But will its stunts be enough to earn the Amine-niacs title as champions? Tune in to find out.