Lil Uzi Vert doesn’t allow his fans to breathe, in the sense of music. He’s delivered three projects within a nine-month timespan. The Philadelphia native has found his tempo and is looking to capitalize on his situation. The fourth project within a year will also be coming soon.

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In June, Lil Uzi Vert announced a new project, The Perfect Luv Tape. Since the announcement, Uzi has previewed two songs, picking different snippets of the song to preview. Both tracks previewed so far have been produced by Maaly Raw, a frequent collaborator with Uzi and also a Philly native.

The tracks present an energetic feeling that cannot be masked with mellow thoughts. Maaly’s upbeat tempo in his production style is the perfect wave for Uzi to flow over. We’re edging closer and closer to hearing this project, as Uzi has now shared the artwork for it.


In his usual colorful and cartoon-like taste, Uzi and girlfriend Brittany Byrd are found on the artwork. But this time, there’s two other girls on the cover. It gives reason to believe that a line that Uzi uses in the new project may be true. “I don’t cheat, me and my girl f**k b***ches together,” Uzi said.

With the new tape arriving “soon,” Uzi is locked in to please his fans once again with his melodic creativeness and catchy hooks within song.


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