It will be five years since we received the last Waka Flocka James installment. Waka Flocka Flame, however, has finally broken that streak this month by giving us the fourth installment.

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Along with producer Southside, among others, Waka Flocka is strong with his energized approach. Metro Boomin, 808fuse, Louney G, and Blac Yungsta join Waka on the 16-track presentation.

In 2015, Flocka released Flockaveli 1.5, which was meant to be the mixtape to appease his fans over until Flockaveli 2 came out. Instead, the mixtape became a strong enough release on its own to hold fans over for quite some time. No doubt, Flocka is dominating with his mixtape, utilizing the right producer every chance he gets.


Waka Flocka James 4 was released through the Savage Trap app, giving the listener access to the entire mixtape. Catch three of the tracks from the tape on Soundcloud, but download the app in order to enjoy the full mixtape.

Download here.