Just in case the DJ Khaled song wasn’t good enough for you, here’s some official confirmation.

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Nas last dropped an album in 2012. That album was Life is Good, Nasir’s musical liberation from his marriage to Kelis, and the stress and agony that came with its collapse. It fared well on the Billboard 200, debuting at #1, and was the most well-received Nas album, by both fans and critics, in nearly a decade. It was an indicator of a couple things: that Nas and Def Jam’s relationship had been mended, and that the Queens legend was in the right head-space to consistently deliver music at a high level for years to come.

Unfortunately, that was the last time we’d hear from Nas, album-wise. Four summers later, Mr. Jones hasn’t released another album since Life is Good, despite teasing the unveiling of its title and one of its signature collaborations for several years. However, all hope is not lost. Nas made a celebrated appearance on DJ Khaled’s Major Key album, which dropped on Friday, on a song called “Nas Album Done”; the title alone was of course enough to send fans in a frenzy. That frenzy intensified when fans finally listened to the song. Nas unleashed two powerful verses over a Fugees sample, and Nas Album Fever had officially begun. In an interview for Complex, Nas confirmed that he wasn’t just blowing steam. The only thing left to do is to deliver this new album to the fans.


So is it true then? Is the album done and ready to go?
All we’re doing now is plotting when we’re dropping.

Do you have a title and an idea of when it might come out?
Yes, but it’s not time to put that out there.

Get ready. You can read the full conversation here.