As the 2016 presidential election heat rises, the importance to vote increases as well.

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CEO and President of Hip-Hop Caucus, Reverend Lennox Yearwood is joining up with some big names to get the word out about voting. With the assistance of Vic Mensa, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Jhene Aiko and Charlemagne Tha God, Reverend Yearwood is registering voters from the ages of 18-40 with his Respect My Vote campaign.

Currently on the High Road tour, the Reverend is utilizing the platform to acknowledge police brutality while pointing out the racial imbalances of the cannabis world with the “High Road Politics” conversations. While registering over 30,000 voters in the 2008 election with the assistance of 2 Chainz, Nelly and more, Reverend Yearwood is continuing the mission on the tour, as well.


According to Reverend Yearwood, “It’s important to use the culture because it becomes the voice of the people. Hip-hop is not foreign and doesn’t sound like a Sunday morning news talkshow.”