Last month saw a number of excellent Hip Hop releases from Australia. From heavyweight group the Hilltop Hoods Remix EP, to renowned beatboxer Tom Thum, American-Australian collaborations, One Sixth‘s chilling take on racism in Australia, heavy hitting tracks from REMI and Must Volkoff + Dialect as well as more commercially popular tracks such as Illy‘s current Australian #1 among others, the diverse sounds of July have many different sides to them that cater to many different tastes.

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REMI – “Substance Therapy”


Must Volkoff ft. Dialect – “Metastasis”

Tom Thum – “Ratchet Face”

One Sixth – “Labyrinth”

Illy ft. Vera Blue “Papercuts”

Calski ft. Hau – “Just Clap”

Hilltop Hoods – “The Thirst” (Jayteehazard remix)

Discourse – ft. Tragedy Khadafi – “Be About It”

Urthboy – ft. Timberwolf “The Arrow”

Thundamentals – “Late Nights”

Kerser – “Bad Habits”

Must Volkoff ft. Dialect – “Jewels & Crystals”

Drapht – ft. Dune Rats “Mexico”