Among all the changes the NBA is experiencing during the off season, last week we got the news Amar’e Stoudemire was hanging up his jersey. Not only did Stoudemire suddenly retire, but he signed a one day contract with New York just so he could retire as a Knick.

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This past weekend [Sunday, July 31] we got word Stoudemire wouldn’t be leaving the game completely and had plans to continue his basketball career in Jerusalem. The Player’s Tribune released an article by Stoudemire titled “This Isn’t Goodbye”.

In the article, Stoudemire goes into detail about some of his most memorable moments from his freshman year in high school all the way up into his MVP days in the NBA. Stoudemire payed homage to all the players that took him under their wing and assisted in making him a better player such as Stephon Marbury, Shaquille O’ Neal and Steve Nash in Phoenix.


In closing, Stoudemire stated:

I may be retiring from the NBA, but I’m not saying goodbye to basketball just yet.  My next step is playing for Hapoel Jerusalem, one of the top teams in Europe.  This isn’t about collecting a paycheck overseas, though; it’s a spiritual journey, too.

The Scripture speaks about Jerusalem as a holy place, and I can feel that whenever I’m in the city. This is a chance for me to be a better husband and a better father, to help me lead my family into righteousness. The opportunity to play there, and grow as a player and person, is a blessing.

As my father used to tell me, “The sky’s the limit.”

Time to soar.

You can read Stoudemire’s full letter here.