A federal judge has made the decision to keep Alton Sterling‘s autopsy classified today [August 2, 2016] after it was completed yesterday in the East Baton Rouge Parish where Sterling was shot and killed after a brief encounter with police.

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The US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Louisiana has issued a federal court order to Coroner Beau Clark of the East Baton Rouge to not release Alton Sterling’s autopsy to anyone. This decision comes less than a month after Sterling was killed by multiple gunshots from a police officer’s service weapon after he was approached for selling illegal Cds and DVDs.

The coroner’s office reported Sterling, 37, died from multiple gunshot wounds to the back and chest. However, federal authorities will not allow the release of additional information, including the toxicology analysis.


Officials said both officers had on body cameras, but they fell off during the struggle and do not show the shooting. However, there is footage from the dashboard camera from one of the patrol cars, as well as from at least one store surveillance camera, which is believed to have captured the ordeal.